Saturday, September 11, 2010


New regions.

Carleton and Madison split. This is a tragedy. It was bad enough to split them out of the same section in 99, but to take them out of the same region is brutal. CUT-Hodags have met in the Regional final all but 2 years since 1991. It makes me sick. Not my-daughter-marries-a-Hodag-sick, but still pretty sick.

SW women get the shaft. You're going to add Stanford and Cal to a region that already features UCSB, UCLA, USC and UCSD?! And cap total bids at four?! The silver lining is that they ditch Colorado, which will make travel a lot easier.

TX and CO together. This makes sense. These teams have to travel forever no matter what region they're in so there's no point in making too many other people suffer.

More later...

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