Wednesday, September 22, 2010

College Redraw: What went right

Despite the huge roll out and years in preparation, the redraw isn't really a very big change. Essentially, the USAU has managed to maintain the sectionals-regionals-nationals format in a way that is flexible enough to support the long-term growth of the sport. (Which is the real focus of the USAU.) With not much changing, I've got to say that not much went right. The system isn't broken, but why go to so much trouble to not change a damn thing?

1. DIII. This is a great idea whose time has come. As a Carleton grad, I never saw the troubles of the DIII schools with a very clear eye. There is a reason that except for Carleton and the New England region (which has only DIII schools) the small schools aren't making it to Nationals; they simply can't compete with the big boys. The players I talked to and the blogs I read conveyed a new excitement and a new commitment to competition. I expect that in the next few years DIII will grow and become its own big deal.

2. Managing growth and maintaining consistency. I'm not sure that this should have been the USAU's biggest priority, but they did a good job with it. The structure is in place to maintain and manage growth without creating huge problems.

In the next few days I'll cover what went okay and what went bad.

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