Tuesday, June 30, 2015


This is from a free write I did as a part of the leadership camp I helped run two summers ago in Seattle. I went back this summer to do more leadership work and was reminded of it through conversations with coaches.

Confidence and the challenge of being confident. Confidence comes naturally, but it also comes from familiarity and comfort. It is easy to tell someone to be more confident; it is far more difficult to be told to be confident and then actually be confident. What then, is the path to confidence? First, fake it til you make it. Act like a confident person. Speak loudly and clearly; expect and demand people's attention; take initiative; say few words. Through the practice of confidence, confidence will grow. Second, continue to gain experience and knowledge in your area. You want to be a confident leader in ultimate? Then learn ultimate.  

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  1. In September and October of last year I was saying "Fake it 'til you make it" all the time to our first-time captains, all the while trying to do the same as a first-time head coach. Suffice it to say, this resonates.