Friday, September 30, 2011

Going to Regionals

I am off to NW Regionals this weekend and here is the short explanation of what I am going to be watching. I'm still not exactly sure because the schedule is a, how to say this graciously...unfriendly to spectators. Also, Mizu and I are going together and since we have three little kids we don't actually get to talk to each other about what we are doing. We know we are getting in the car after work on Friday and driving back on Sunday, but that's about it. On to the games.

1. The two good open games are Revolver-Rhino and Sockeye-Furious (classic!). They are scheduled simultaneously (are you kidding me!?) at 9AM (are you kidding me?!?) Ugh. I am not really sure what I will do about these. I had really hoped to spend Saturday morning in Seattle hitting the old breakfast haunts, but damn, Sockeye-Furious.

2. Zeitgeist-Further. Further has never beaten Zeitgeist and if they want to make Nationals, they would do well to win here. The top two teams in each pool are guaranteed two shots at making the Show, while everyone else must battle it out for the game-to-go. A big chunk of Further played for a team I know pretty well, so I am a bit partial.

3. If I skip the men's games in the morning, I will probably stay and watch the last round on the women's side which will feature Riot-Zeitgeist and Traffic-Underground.

1. Round 1: Men's semis. This should feature some combination of Sockeye, Furious, Rhino and Revolver. The chalk has Sockeye over Rhino and Revolver over Furious. Mandatory watching.

2. Round 2: Women's final. Should be Riot-Fury. Adjacent fields sport the 3-4 (winner to Natties) and 5-6 games (loser goes home).

3. Round 3: This is the tough one. It is the men's final. It is also the men's 3-4 game with the loser going home. It is the women's game-to-go. I will watch Sockeye wherever they are and Further if they are in the game-to-go (otherwise they are finished). Fortunately, all these games are scheduled onto the same quadrant of fields.

4. Round 4: Men's game to go. There is no feeling in the world like watching the game-to-go after you've already qualified.