Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Chance

I am going to wrap up the ...Why Refs are a Bad Idea series in the next week or two. So far, I've covered accuracy, fairness, bias, watchability, growth, promotion, and $$. If there are any other aspects of reffing yall are interested in or think I forgot to discuss, let me know.


  1. Lou,

    I share a lot of your viewpoints about officiating ultimate. One thing I haven't heard much about is spiking, specifically what would a referee's reaction be to spiking? In the NFL and college football, celebratory actions after scores are immediately penalized yet we generally allow spiking across the board which, for the most part I feel can be warranted. As an undergrad at Oregon, I looked up to the guys who would sit around and think up creative spikes to do after scoring which obviously were not intended as spiteful or acts of maliciousness toward the opposing team. I feel a fun, silly and creative spike can be a way of keeping your team excited without yielding an intent to turn the game ugly. Yet, instances where a player viciously kicks the disc or even spikes it on another player (sorry to say you popped in my head because I was watching the '04 Sockeye v. Bravo game recently) can almost result in fist fights or TMFs. What would a referee say about all this? No spikes at all? Some spikes but not others? Where would they draw the line? I'm not sure about the kind of answer I'm looking for, but rather I'm raising a point about the subjectivity of a single person's (the referee) opinions on spiking affecting the number of calls in a game, merely because it hasn't been mentioned yet.