Thursday, December 16, 2010

Women's Ultimate Blog

Michelle and I are trying to increase the coverage of college women's ultimate. In the new media world, we are hoping to use player-generated content. If you are interested in helping, great! If you know someone who is or might be, please let them know. My vision is to bring together 10-15 of these...which would be sweet. Here's the official release; pass it on.

In an effort to increase the media coverage of women's ultimate, Without Limits is sponsoring a blog roll to increase coverage of women's ultimate. What we need is you, the writer. Our vision is a group of blogs that will cover the division from regional and national perspectives. We are hoping to recruit an author from each of the ten regions, as well as authors to provide weekly columns for each day of the week. Our hope is to consolidate existing blogs and encourage players to begin new blogs, together expanding the total media for women's ultimate.

We would like writers to be willing to commit to 6-8 stories over the course of the season, with flexibility based on the number of tournaments. We would also welcome team previews and other special features to help round out the coverage.

If you are interested, please contact Michelle Ng ( or Lou Burruss (

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