Monday, July 12, 2010

Questions from 97430

When I switched over from 97430, I left unanswered questions. Here they are:

1a. I don't like yoga because it is too static. Pilates is more dynamic. It really came home to me in a yoga class once when the instructor said to me, "Get your knee back and lock it." I thought, "Are you crazy? I like my ACL right where it is." Any physical training you do creates muscle memory and I don't like creating bad and potentially dangerous habits.

1b. "Always wear pants" means just that: wear long pants no matter what the weather is. You want to keep that hamstring and leg uncomfortably warm, so wear pants.

2. "Spirit" is hippie-dippy, but that's the birth of our sport. It was born in 1968, after all. If it is the woo-woo nature of the name that bugs someone, I'd encourage them to lighten up and laugh about it. "Sportsmanship" or "Respect for your Opponent" are ideas that can exist within any sport, reffed or not. What we have in ultimate goes beyond these because it places responsibility for these and correct officiating on the players themselves. Because it is more expansive, it nice for it to have a unique name.

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